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that Weber DLC closed comb shave head with Edwin Jagger Plaza faux marble handle is just out of sight... should i find myself longing for a DE that may be the route..
Thanks, globaldev. Of all the Edwin Jagger handles I prefer that on the Plaza. It's a perfect fit for my hands, and nicely balanced. The Weber DLC shave head was a surprise for me when I first shaved with it. I bought the complete razor with the Bulldog handle. I am not fond of Bulldog handles, but the shave head I felt was the perfect closed comb shave head for me. I really like that shave head. One day I took the best of two worlds and created for myself a new razor. I'm quite fond of this improvised razor. These days I mostly shave with the open comb razors, including three Joris models with different handles — and one on the way — and several improvised from the Merkur open comb shave heads. I also have a nickle plated Gillette Goodwill open comb shave head crowning a Bull Mastiff handle. Most of the other razors in the racks are idle. Yes, you'll do well with the improvised EJ Plaza handle and the Weber DLC shave head.