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    Default My SE razor collection and a question.

    Hi All!
    I thought that I would bore you to death with some pictures of my razor collection, ive managed to find the one box out that contains my SE razors.....DE to come next! well anyway they are all Ever ready with one Gem and a rolls, my question is this: One of my Ever readys and my one lonesome Gem has exactly the same handle.....ok no shock there....but they are hollow and very light weight and made from a different material to the razor head.

    Comparing the handles with my other Ever readys I find them to be completly different in material, weight and styles.

    Can anyone give me any info on this conundrum?

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    As i udnerstand it, they would mix things up to keep interest, so you'd find new handles and such. The hollow handles exist on a few razors (including some damaskeenes ). I'm not sure why they are hollow, but it may be because a lot of the old lather catchers were to stick the stropping bar into.

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    They also did some aluminium handles :

    Ever-Ready USA Single Edge Razor 1950s Aluminium Handle -

    Have fun !

    Best regards


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