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    Default Help!!

    I need some help guys, I found a really nice old Gem single edge of the flea market the other day and am in the process, cleaning it and shine it up. Pictures are soon to follow. However, the only blades. I had to use to try it were the cheap razors that you put in the thing to scrape the ceramic stove top and let me tell, that's not something you want to shave with. This razor is nicely decorated and has beautiful scrollwork on the handle. And flips open the lever on the back of the top mechanism. The scraper blade fits perfectly well, a DE does not. Do they even make good single edge razor is anyone. Please any help would be appreciated as I really like this razor. Pictures coming soon.

    Thanks guys
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    If you have a Walgreens near you, they carry Persona Gem blades. I think Rite Aid carries Treet SE blades, though I haven't tried these yet. The Walgreens blades are good.

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    I work at a Walgreens and we still carry Gem (made by personna)brand SE razor blades. You can also check Amazon, they carry SE blades as well.

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    Some of the smaller drugstores carry the Gem blades, as do a few close to the highway convenience stores, surprisingly.
    I've yet to find an old Single Edge GEM that didn't shave well, the blade angle is much easier to figure out!

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    Hey Griz,

    All the above advice is good. However, I've tried every single edge blade that's currently manufactured and found none better than the Ted Pella PTFE coated Gem. IMHO, it's the gold standard of SE blades. Whenever I'm trying a "new to me" SE razor, I have to put a new TP PTFE blade in that razor to really test it's aggressiveness etc. and to give it a fair shake. You have to order these blades direct from TP, or I think, West Coast Shaving carries them. If not for these blades, I would have given up on SE shaving -- they are that good.

    If you'd like to try a couple before ordering a box of 'em send me a PM with your snail mail and I'll send you a couple.

    SE's rock!!


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