I'm yet another happy 37c user. I'm the kind to keep my den to a minimum, the one soap that serves me well, the one after shave which leaves my skin best conditioned. I have now two DE razors, and it was a dilemma whether to get the 37c in addition to my Edwin Jagger 89. I debated with myself for weeks : is it worth it? Is it more aggressive enough that I won't feel like I shouldn't have made the move? Can't I just get more used to the Gillette slide that my EJ will prove just as good.
It IS more aggressive, and gets me closer faster. It IS nice the the Gillette slide works itself out, especially in the neck where I have got to be extremely careful with my angle so as not to look like some king of red necked exotic bird throughout the day.
It's a very nice device, really and I am extremely happy I want ahead a bought it. me shaves have improved ever since!