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Thread: Anybody Know These Two???

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    Default Anybody Know These Two???

    I bought these two razors at a flea market. They looked interesting, definetly old, and I thought I might actually use one. One is a single edge Gem, in it's original case, which is a sort of marbelized green, incase you can't tell from the pics. The other I'm not sure of the brand. It's a three-piece, the handle is two, and it disassembles to fit into a tiny "chrome" box, lined with blue velvet. It's double edge, open comb design with "Cosmo" and some other lettering I can't read, and has "Germany" under it, which I can only assume is where it was made. The box has a very ornate letter "P" followed by the letters, (all capitals), "D.R.G.M. Made In Germany" Any clues or help as to quality, value, etc., would be great!! I've been using the double egde 3-piece with some "Feather" blades I got off eBay and I like it pretty well so far. Any info would be great!!!
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    I think the Gem is a 1912, I have a similar one (Gold) but am not up on what models what with Gem SE's. The other looks like a Hoffritz travel open comb. I have one similar to this only a ball peaned top on the case. Nice finds They should both shave well!

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    The Gem is definitely a 1912. If you have a Walgreens near, they sell some great Persona blades for it. Beware though, Gem's are very aggressive and can bite if you don't pay attention.
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    As Trimmy said, the SE is a Gem 1912 ( that ornate style handle is pretty popular, and the condition looks good, so decent find, not that GEM razors are what you'd call expensive.)

    The other, is a merkur/cosmo/hoffritz type travel razor (the brand varies, but they were all made in the same factory, I believe.) As open comb razors go it is a fairly mild shaver ( the 1912 is pretty aggressive, as others have said)

    Nice looking razors, both. Have fun with em!

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    the SE is a great shaver, not to aggressive, just keep the head on your face they shave a lot steeper then a DE would, and feel great a very different feel then a DE is
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