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Thread: Titan H-1 stainless steel DE.........

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    I think you need to go for it I'll give you a plus +. I have two young hungry children 8 & 3 to feed, and Mom stays home with the kids. And once you sell it to thebigspendur then he can sell it to me. Not sure but I think these razors lose 20% once you drive them off the lot.........and then another 20% off the used razor lot, by the time it gets to me it would be on the clunkers lot so another 25% off, of course I'll have all the maintenance problems, probably have to replace a blade or two, polish it. I mean it's only priced slightly less then what I spend on groceries for 4 people in week.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    Now look Obie just take a bullet for the troops and buy it. If you don't like it you can always sell it to me for half the price-har har.
    Thebigspendur, my good man, I have always wanted to be a millionaire. This is my opportunity.
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

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    Gentlemen, please confine sales talk to PM ....... .........

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum, however I've been using a DE safety razor for sometime.
    The DE razor I have is the merkur futur which those that have seen it will know it has six settings.
    I've used all the settings and I'm pleased to say I've only nicked myself on two or three occasions.
    When I shave with that DE though, I only do very small strokes with not a lot of pressure, and I get a remarkable shave every time, however, the thing I'm not keen about the futur is it's handle.
    So I've decided to place an order for the Atlas M1, and H1 ( head only ) and I'm seeing about having a custom made handle to my liking to use with either razor head, but I'm also looking forward to trying the H1 with the handle that's with the Atlas M1.
    I'll be using the H1 for downward strokes, and M1 for across and up.

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