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Thread: Safety Razors

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    Default Safety Razors

    So, I'm interested in acquiring a safety razor as an alternative to the straight as well as a more travel-friendly option. Being new to this I am curious about the wide price range available for these tools. In my mind, I can understand the wide range of quality in the craftsmanship of a straight razor, but I have no idea what differentiates a $200 safety razor from a $30 one. What should I look for in a safety razor?

    Thank You

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    As you stated, fit and finish. Place of manufacture... there are tons of reasons a razor can be the price that it is. Some reasons can be viewed as valid, others as branding - just like a straight really.

    I think it might help to focus on the following before price:

    Long or short handle?

    Open vs. closed comb?

    Determining what blades to buy for it.

    It's not that an expensive DE isn't a great place to start, but it might make scene to get a quality Merkur under $80, and give it a test drive with a bunch of different blades.

    It'll give you an insight as to what you want/need relatively quickly.

    Good luck!

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    You can typically buy a Gillette "Slim" like this -- Gillette Safety Razor.Adjustable 1-9.Made in U.S.A.Old.Vintage. | eBay for $30 or $35 on eBay or $15-20 if you hit one at an antique store. It will shave your face and your son's face and your grandson's face...pretty close to indestructible.
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    The two hundred dollar one would be made out of stainless while the thirty dollar one would be some type of plated metal.

    I recommend getting a vintage safety, they can often be found locally for little money and will help you decide what you are looking for in a modern safety razor in terms of aggressivness or styling.

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    DE's would seem to be all about the same to me as far as the shave you will get since that is determined by the replaceable blade.

    You can get a good adjustable Gillette for $25 on ebay with a little luck and a non-adjustable one for less than $10.

    If you want a new razor you will pay more but it's not doing any more for your face.

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    I have a 1956 Gillette, you can get them on Ebay for $30.00 just like Stimpy said.
    I wouldn't trade it for the world. Great shaver.

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    Of course a used vintage will be cheaper vs a new razor. There are new razors that are very inexpensive but most aren't that great. The best value will be with a vintage. New razors can be had for middle prices and are quite good. The really expensive ones are the stainless ones. They keep coming out with more and more stainless models. I suspect the profit motive is the reason and people keep buying them so...
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    If you are talking strictly about new DE's there are many options available for reasonable prices. I have a cheap Parker, which is okay, but I'd recommend Merkur which can be had for the $35 dollar range. The Edwin Jagger DE89, which is held in high regard, can be found for less than $40, and is another option.

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