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    Default add to the collection?

    Have straights.. i wanna add a de to my collection? Vintag??e would be great what do u need?? Good for a noob? Thanks any videos on shaving with a de u guys found useful.???

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    Do a search on YouTube for mantic59 and geofatboy. Their videos will be invaluable if you are new to DE shaving.

    As for vintage vs new? The debate rages on. The vintage market is pretty much cornered by Gillette, and there are multiple models out there to choose from. As for new the Merkur 34C (aka the Heavy Duty) is a popular choice for beginners. Blade choice is very subjective; it`s best to go with a sample pack.

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    I would go vintage. A gillette super speed, any of the variants, would be a good choice. Cheap and plentiful, it shouldn't be difficult to find a nice example on the cheap. Built to last forever, to look good forever and to deliver a close comfortable shave every time.

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