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    Default Firs DE shave in??

    I had some fun tonight when in my garage I noticed a couple of DE's that I have been ignoring for a while. I had tried shining them up in a tumbler for a few days. That experiment didn't work. Didn't hurt anything!

    I took a Gillette old style, I haven't figured out the age but probably from the 20's and took it to the buffer. A short time later it was shiny, pretty and neat looking.

    The fun continued because I couldn't leave something like that unused. A couple weepers and an OK shave.

    The fun ended there and over an hour later I can still feel the burn. Not bad but I am use to not feeling anything afterwards from a straight. I know it is my technique and or the blade or other reasons I can use! Certainly not enough to say I will never try it again but I am not excited about using it tomorrow. Unless I dig out some of those vintage blades that are in a box in the basement somewhere.


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    I've gotten to where I like those DE razors. I'm going through a sample pack that I got at Bull Goose & loving it.

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