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    Default Thoughts on the iKon standard head


    I had expected the new stainless steel iKon standard head to shave similarly to the closed comb side of the dual personality iKon OSS. What a surprise. The shave from the new iKon closed comb is far more aggressive. I dare say it's closer if not similar to that from the Weber. I have always liked the Weber.

    I already like the iKon standard head, even after only one shave split between two blades: Astra and Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum. I think a shave with the Personna Red Pack will confirm my assessment, as it has for the Weber. This iKon is easily a two-pass-and-some-cleanup razor. It was for me on its maiden voyage.

    The iKon standard head is a handsome razor in its matte finish. It has reasonable weight, and good balance that is complemented by the solid grip of the knurled handle. The handle is slightly longer than the standard bulldog. That the top cap and base plate fully cover the blade tabs is a pleasure. I have always found the exposed tabs on double edge razors peculiar.

    The open comb version also hides the tabs. I have that as well, but I have not shaved with it yet. Thus far, though, the iKon standard head is a winner for me.
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    Yesterday I purchased that particular razor, since I am in Mexico, it will get to me until next week. Once I get it I will shave with it and tell you my opinion. Can't hardly wait!

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