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Thread: excited

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    Default excited

    So I just felt like bragging, I just found out I am revieving my grand fathers old DE razor, I have no idea what kind it is but he is 76 so the possibilitys are wide, pics will be posted when I recieve it. Once again, working the overnight shift and felt like bragging.
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    Sounds cool!! I tore the house apart looking for my Father's old DE, couldn't find it, but picked up it's twin off the bay. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm sure someone around here can ID it.

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    SJB, in all likelihood it's a Gillette, a worthy razor. That it comes from your grandfather makes it priceless. Enjoy it.
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    If it's a Gillette check out this link.

    Gillette Razor and Blade Dating and Feature Information

    You can date it to the year it was made.


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    Regardless of the brand, it's really cool that you're able to use something that's been used by your grandfather.

    I wish I could find something in the shaving dept that's been in the family for a while, but it seems that my family actively purged all older shaving implements as newer things came out. I remember drinking the multi-blade 'newer models are better' Kool-Aid myself, so I can't blame them. Still, it would be nice to find something with some familial history.

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    This spring I will be going through a bunch of stuff my parents have in storage, and hope to pick up some of my Dad's and Grandfather's old shaving stuff that has been in storage. My Dad since he knows that I have started using a DE and straight razor said I can have his old DE, and my grandfather's DE and straight as well. I'm looking forward to getting them, and getting them cleaned up and ready to use.

    All of these regardless of who made them will be held highly in my collection. Since they came from my family. I look forward to teaching my son how to shave with a DE that his grandfather shaved with.


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