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    Default Storing a Safety Razor

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to best store my safety razors while in-between uses. How are other people doing this?

    I have a stand for the Gillette safety razor I keep on the sink in my cabin for those times when I don't have the full concentration to use my SR, but it doesn't seem like it’s the best way to store a razor as anyone, including my grandchildren, can cut themselves on the blade.

    So, I'm looking for suggestions and examples of how other people are accomplishing this. I found a post/thread (Storing your DE's) from 2011 and wanted to see if anyone had any new suggestions developed since then.
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    I store my DEs on a rack handles pointing down. After having some issues with corrotion, I now field strip and dry and reassemble my Mercur DE alloy razors. I have had no more corrotion issues. Where safety is an issue, I would remove the blades. I have wondered whether it would be best to store TTO razors head down so that water will drain out of the handle containing the TTO and adjustment mechanism.

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    i have always rinsed them with hot water, taken the blade out and dried it along with the razor; stored the blade back in the wrapper and back into the box and put the DE in the rack. Good luck.

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