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Thread: 1st experience

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    Default 1st experience

    Just finished my first de razor shave. And am about where I expected. I got a styptic pencil which helped I had two nicks both under my law line and both where I expected them to be. The grain pattern just under my jaw line run parallel to it which makes for a difficult close shave and has always been the spot where I don't get as close as I want. I'm using an edwin jagger de89 with a derby blade. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this problem? Thanks

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    Stretch the skin up to that the beard is above the jaw line. Same technique is good for the adam's apple. Stretching the skin gives you a closer shave as well.
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    If the hair grows parallel to your jawline, instead of going towards your chin with ATG, try starting at your chin and going towards your ear carefully; sometimes a mere change in stroke direction makes a difference.
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    Technique changes, including a better lather or a pre-shave (even a quick and dirty option like an old bar of glycerin facial soap or a few drops of olive oil might help) may help. Also, if you used the Derby that comes with EJ razors, be aware that the free blade in razor boxes tends to be notoriously poor, and one from a fresh pack of blades may provide a closer, more comfortable, and more consistant shave.

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    Go easy on the first pass. Re-lather, with the hottest water possible. This should help.

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    Thats a nice combination of razor/blade which agrees with most gents. Nice choice!

    I have a similar grain direction under my jaw. I find if I take a nice light first pass, I can continue past my jaw without irritation.

    The nicks probably arent caused by your beard direction, more by uneven pressure or a shaky pass.

    You're doing much better than I did on my first shave!

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