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Thread: The last gift from my grandfather

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    Default The last gift from my grandfather

    Name:  2013-02-13_16-18-28_79.jpg
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Size:  41.9 KBI give to you the last gift I recived from my grand father who passed this past week and is one of the best men I know. If anyone could help me identify the razor I would be very greatful as my grandfather passed the day before I recived this razor (and a brother to it witch I gave to my twin brother) I dont know the maker or any info on it.Name:  2013-02-13_16-17-38_945.jpg
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Size:  45.5 KB and yes I know the top image is upside down it is the only way I could get a good shot of the makers mark.
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    Looks like a Gillette Flair tip to me.
    There should be a letter and number on the underside to indicate the date of manufacture.
    Clean it up, grab some double edge blades and give it a whirl.
    They are still good shavers and i cant think of a better way to remember someone so important to you
    Sorry for your loss.
    Best regards,

    oops maybe English made Rocket
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    And, it is a medium shaving razor; not too aggressive and not to easy.
    Spray with scrubbing bubbles type cleaner, rinse and soak it in vinegar for ten minutes, rinse, spray it again let set a couple minutes and rinse.. She should be in good shape quickly.
    Buy only the stainless steel blades in a store for it Gillette made in China seem to be really good starters.
    Enjoy the legacy!

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    I don't know any info about the razor but just wanted to say sorry for your loss..
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    Yeah, it looks like a Gillette flair tip super speed. Maybe the 1950s or '60s IIRC. Condolences to you and to your family for the loss of your grandfather.
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    sorry for your lose !!

    out of my 4DE razors that is my favorite !!! i think you will enjoy it and also have a good memory when you do ...

    every time i buy another DE razor and try to get my dad to use it he tells me " why ? i had a bunch of them and ended up throwing them out years ago " and in part they got rid of my grandfathers as well .... if i was a wet shaver or not i would of loved to had one of there razors or one of my dads ... you have something you will cherish for a long time !!
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    As has been said, it's a Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip. It was apparently made in the USA. (Some were made in England, but that appears to be a U after "Made in") They are great shavers, and on the other end of the under side you should find a date code (Z-L, and 1-4) They were made from 54-66.

    Yours should clean up and shave nicely. They aren't the most valuable razor by any stretch, but you just can't go buy "grandpa's razor" at Walmart.

    When you get her cleaned up, share your story and some more pics in the Family Jewels thread. Link:

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    Flair Tips are nice razors. As others have said, they aren't valuable collectors pieces, but that is, in part, because of how good they are. Gillette sold a *LOT* of them, and most of the ones they made are still shaving great 50+ years later.

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