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Thread: What do you guys do with your DE blades between shaves?

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    After cleaning and dry the blade, I leave it in a little box handmade.
    So when I put the razor inside the blade case, all is safe.
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    Rinse the razor under any temp of water. Blow out the excess from the safe sides of the razorhead and leave to dry. Haven't had a problem yet. And I get at least 12-13 shaves outta the feather DE Blades. Also cold water shave with the DE, a lot less irritation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MickR View Post
    Do you own that GoodFella you have pictured as your avatar Doryferon? How does it shave? Do you like it?
    Good morning Mick
    Of course is mine,you can see it with photos in my blog
    I have made some modifications in the factory handle and i the monogramme
    It's something different than other OC's although is light
    Needs tactical cleaning because the deposits make it look a little dazzle.
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    With my super speed I just believe it or not blow dry the entire razor with the blade still inside the razor make sure the water is all out of the razor shake it wipe it down And put it away.. No problems .. May not be the right way but its working

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    Hello Guys!

    I have a small bowl full of magnesium carbonate which you can get as "rock climbing" chalk from a sports store. Chances are you would find it at an outdoor sports store and for us in California we have REI. In ceramics, the magnesium can absorb a ton of water and when it dries, it shrinks a ton and will make "crater" or "beaded" textures. You could search ceramic crawl glaze and have an idea. A five pound bag is a lot bigger that you would expect because it truly is very light in weight compared to how much you can fit in a space. I find my blades that sit in the chalk bowl don't get water spots and since I use ASTRA Platinum quite often, aesthetically speaking, they turn a terrible looking color and I don't know if it what others call rusting. They tend to stay shinier and after I rinse a blade, I submerge it so it is completely covered.

    Cheers everyone!

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    Thanks for the thread, good to see what how others are handling their DE.
    Here's another vote for simply a hot rinse then just set my Murkur adjustable on it's side on the counter.
    No fuss, and so far no problems.
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    Yeah, now I just put it back in the razor, or just leave it without drying everything if I'm in a rush.

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