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Thread: First Shave with my Fat Boy

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    Default First Shave with my Fat Boy

    First, I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has given me their advice on DE shaving as I incorporate DE's into my straight razors.

    A couple days a go, I posted about the difference between a FatBoy and a Slim. I was able to pick up a Fat Boy from eBay (fantastic condition) for a great value.

    Today, I shaved with my newest acquisition. I started by loading a Sharp blade (my facae doesn't do well with sharper blades, Red Personna is about as sharp as I can go), dialed the Fat Boy to a 3. I prepped my face with Truefitt and Hill Pre- shave oil, lathered up with RazoRock XXX and gave it a go.

    After three passes, I had my best DE shave so far. Very close, comfortable and best of all, NO nicks. I had a few spots to touch up, mostly from my technique, but all it took was a re-lather and concentration on my angle.

    Im very happy with the Fat Boy and this has become my newest favorite DE. I will continue to look out for a Slim. But in the mean time, I will definitely enjoy my Fat Boy.

    Again, thanks to all for the good advice on razors and blades. And most of all for sharing your own experiences with DE's.
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    its always nice to get a good shave .. 3 setting on my Fatboy is also my sweet spot ...

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    Yea, Fat Boys are very nice DEs to use and versatile too. Being adjustable you have a chance to tune the razor to the blade to get a close comfortable shave. I started at 3 and went up the scale one setting at a time till I got to where it was uncomfortable to shave and then went down one setting. For the Astra SPs that I use the setting was a 6. If I change blade makes I imagine I will have to re-tune the setting for that particular blade make. Something like trying various blade makes to see which work best in a non adjustable DE.

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    Glad you like it, now I'll have to get one of my own!

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    I love my Fat Boy, and will continue to hunt for them as I enjoy gifting them to friends and family(DE razors in general) but I might have to keep the Fat Boys and just give out the standard vintage DE's that i have tons of. Mine is also dialed into a 3 and I use the Astra razors, never had a bad shave from it yet. Congrats on the find.
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    One trick to try when you get more experienced is to change the setting as you shave. You might try a 5 for with the grain, a 4 for across it, and a 3 for against the grain passes, for example. I often do that with my futur (usually at a 4.5, 3.5, 2.5 ).

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    I use my fatboy at 9 for the first pass 7 for the second and 3 for the third. I feel like i should dial it back based on the lower numbers above. I don't know why but I prefer a aggressive cut I also only use feather blades. I do have a couple older 3pcs razors and comparing the spacing most are in the 7-5 range

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