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    Default My First DE Shave: Merkur 33c

    Hey Gents, I just wanted to share my first experience shaving with a safety razor with you. I finally got my Merkur 33c in the mail this morning, along with my Proraso soap, boar hair brush, and extra blades.

    I decided to follow a lot of advice I have gathered from SRP and started by cleaning my brush, then soaked my lather bowl, and brush in hot water, along with my razor. Then I took a hot shower, and used conditioner on my beard. After my shower I ended up rubbing a small amount of olive oil in to my beard before starting to make my lather. It was my first time making a lather, and I must say I had a hard time... But anyway I slashed my face with hot water and lathered up! I made my first pass WTG and was amazed at how it took off 4 days worth of growth like butter! my second pass XTG went extremely fast as well as my final pass ATG! I had to do a little touch up around some strange growth areas I have but I have never experienced a more comfortable, relaxing, BBS shave in my entire life! No nicks, no irritation! If a straight is even closer then a DE, then I cannot wait to experience it!

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    P.S. The Merkur 33c feels great in the hand, and performed awesome!

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    I think you'll find a straight to be quite a bit closer.
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    I have the same Merkur as a back-up for when I'm too tired or too rushed for the straight. It's a great razor. However, even though you enjoy the DE, I guarantee that you'll like the straight even more. Have fun with the DE for now as it will help you for later to learn technique with the straight.

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