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Thread: Cold Water and Conditioner for sensitive skin

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    Default Cold Water and Conditioner for sensitive skin

    I have achieved a close non irrritating shave with a Straight razor Shavette, Cold Water, and hair conditioner. extremely fast shave, time was cut in half. good for when your in a rush or if your skin is sensitive like mine.

    Here's how it's done

    -rub hair condionter into the shaving area work it into the hairs

    -fill a spray bottle with cold water, spray a few bursts on top of the conditioner dont over water, razor should glide with no problems, close clean shve no irritation.

    less expensive
    less time consuming
    less irritating
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    I have used conditioner as well, it certainly works as does the cold water. Its so easy to try as most have conditioner in their house. Works as a pre shave also. Although lately tabac has found its place daily.

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    Good for you mate! If it works for u and u enjoy it...good on ya!

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