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Thread: Shavette vs straight razor shaving angles.

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    I used a high angle with my Parker when first starting out. Now I use a shallow angle and light pressure. Like you the only time I get nicks now is if I bump. A 3 pass shave gets me BBS with no issues.
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    A lot will depend on the Shavette and the actual width of the blade in use. I believe there are differing blade widths from the manufacturers. The blade exposure is different on razors by different manufacturers. and the edge of the blade holder is wider or narrower on each side of the blade in the holder, requiring a different angle between the razors also. I have a few shavettes and use Feather Proline Gaurd blades, or half good stiff DE blades. They work best for my face and each of the shavettes requires a slightly different angle to give me a close, non burning, shave. The razors are CJB, Sanguine folding or equivalent heavy half blade, Feather Artists club Kamisori, Feather Artist's Club RG folding, Sam Seong kamisori. Those are in addition to the two real Kamisori I own. The angle of shave differs between them all. Blade length does a lot to require differing pressure also, short blade a lot less to save epidermous.
    I agree that light pressure and a slightly higher angle seem to work the best for my skin and facial shape.
    And all bets are off when comparing to regular straights, but then, they always have been!
    Have fun!
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    Agree with the above, great evaluation of the topic. The only thing that I can add is that I found is that until your comfortable with your skills, the Feather ProGuard is an ideal blade to start with.
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