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Thread: Shavette vs straight

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    I have experienced the exact opposite I've only used a couple of different blades in my shavette but although I get a berry comfortable shave my straits seem sharper to me.

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    You answered your own question, Personna blades are exceptional, for the most part, however you can get one that will leave a gash due to a little piece that wasn't caught. But for the most part the Personna blades are as close to a straight as you can get. Try a Gem if you can find one in that size and you,go back,but how about trying a different straight....

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    When I am asked by newbees about beginning with a shavette or directif with Ó straight, I give the comparison of using Ó tricycle before learning to ride Ó bicycle. Looks like the same, is quite different.
    I consider it as a "primary straight simulator" to learn the grip and arm/hand position, to wipe the fear off your face or to give a public demo with no blade for security means (a real straight can be considered as a forbidden weapon in public area).
    It is also useful for plane travel with only a cabin luggage.
    in english, franšais, nederlands, Deutsch esperanto

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