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Thread: What's your experience with Kai Captain Titan Mild Blade (No Guard) on your shavette

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    Default What's your experience with Kai Captain Titan Mild Blade (No Guard) on your shavette


    While I'm learning to used the IBC shavette with a Feather Artist Club ProGuard blade for a while and I would like to take some notes so I don't forget, and when the time comes maybe a month or two so I can start the next level without using the guard blade in my IBC shavette.

    What's your experience with Kai Captain Titan Mild SE blade (No Guard) on your shavette is this blade is much sharper than the Feather Artist Club Professional not the Professional Super I'm talking about, do you believe the Kai Captain Titan Mild SE blade will be a better choice for me straight after using the Feather Artist Club ProGuard blade for at least a month or two months until my my non-dominant hand left is proficient enough to take the next level.


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    It's been a good while since I used that blade. I remember it being a good performer. That being said I've ended up at only using feather pros and supers. Also proguard for the wife. Just seem to get a better finish and longevity out of feathers.
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    I piffed a packet while back as they didn't perform as expected. I find the proguards and the supermarket​ pros (my favourites) to be more sharp and last longer. As always, YMMV.
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    I like the titan milds a lot, Feather Pro is my other choice of blade, the supers come in third place followed by the Dorco blades. Can't get a good shave with any of the guard blades.
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    I found the Captain Mild and the Soft to be a bit harsh, and actually nicking me over the Feather. I ordered 2 blades each from a place where you can buy single razor blades of your choice. Nice way to try a blade without committing to a whole bunch if you don't really like them. The web url is : Buy Individual Razor Blades for Double Edge, Single Edge and Shavettes and you can get just about anything you want in Single, double edge, or shavette mix and match there.

    That said, the blade appeared kind of blueish at the cutting bevel, like it had been well heated during grinding / honing / finishing. I wonder if it were actually overdone for heat? Just wondering. However, I like the Feather and the Schick Proline well enough.
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    I like the Kai mild pink the best. They shave and are comfortable on the first shave where the Feathers need a couple of shaves to take the harshness off them.

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    I've tried all the blades and the Captain Kai Mild suit me the best for my skin and beard type. They are also very consistent regardless the SE razor is use them with. Smooth and sharp. I also like the Schick P-30 blades but they don't perform the same for me amongst my SE razors. I've read many that dislike the Captain Kai Mild. The only way to really know is to try them all out and see what works best for you. One handgun can fit an owner like a glove but that doesn't mean it'll feel comfortable to you. The SR is still King of a true BBS.
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