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Thread: UpDate On The Focus Slim AL Shavette

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    Default UpDate On The Focus Slim AL Shavette

    Just thought i would put a post on here regarding My new Focus shave,as in the title its my third shave and WOW Really nice close shave,think it may make my Dove (red sleeve )shavette redundant for a while,It feels nice and well balanced in the hand and slightly heavier than the Dovo think the Dovo is around 12gram's as opposed to the Focus coming in at about 24 gram's (according to my scales).No trips to the A&E Dept means i still have my ear's ,an no nicks in the three shaves.Used with your preferred Blade probably means you can't go wrong.
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    I had my first replaceable blade razor shave today with my new Focus Slim AL.

    I used a Derby blade from back in the old d/e days.

    The razor, being made of aluminum is on the light side.

    The build quality, fit, finish and machining is outstanding.

    Loading the blade is easy. It is held in place very securely.

    The razor handles nicely while shaving. Very smooth and comfortable. I didn't have any problem with different blade angles. The noticible difference is the shorter length of the edge and that it doesn't hold as much lather, so you have to rinse more often.
    I did my usual three passes and finished with an extremely close BBS shave.
    The alum told me that there was zero irritation.


    All in all I'm really pleased with this razor and will use it way more often than just for travel.

    This thing rocks!!

    Pete <:-}
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    Nice to read some comments on these. I picked up the $13 Focus R21 for dedicated (not snapped) half-blades a few weeks back and have to say that it gives an amazing shave and has changed how I view shavettes. The plastic guard there just flows into the edge and gives a great smooth feel on the face with each stroke.
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    Thanks for the reply's gentlemen. Good to hear about this item. I might think about getting one soon.
    It's just Sharpening, right?

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    Nice review Petercp4e,pleased to see someone else having a go with one of these Focus AL Shavettes,mine will become the weapon of choice for a long time i reakon,i have used Straight's, but prefer the easy life of just Loading A Half DE Blade Of One's choice in the Holder.I agree with having to rinse more often but that aye a real problem i feel.
    Regards Tony

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    This is killing me lol. I have absolutely no need for one and yet, I have to get one lol!!

    Seriously though, the one thing my DE does better than any straight or my Feather AC is that area on my neck that grows sideways. I can't reach that with a straight. This could be the ticket. Or not. Either way, it'd be fun to try!

    Thanks for the reviews.
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