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Thread: Straight vs DE vs shavette - review from a newbie.

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    Major you have taken the exact same trip in wet shaving as I have. You also gave about the exact review of what my experiences have been. I will say that once you find that magic combination in your DE your hurry up DE shaves will rival a straight shave. They don't seem to last as long though. If I want that almost straight shave with a DE for me its a VTG red tip Gillette an feather blade. Or a Merkur hd slant. < That's a wicked shaver. Still nothing beats the shavette an straights.
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    So today I ran a scientific experiment - right side was a Parker shavette with a new feather blade. Left side was 6/8 Solingen straight.

    I must say, both gave great shaves. I'm still more comfortable with a straight vs the shavette, but both did great on first pass. Where I noticed the difference was second pass. The shavette would grab/cut vs the straight when going against the grain and the straight still kept running smooth. In the end, I used the 6/8 to finish a second pass on the right side as the shavette couldn't go against the grain as well.

    I did however like the shortness of the shavette. Much more manageable vs the straight. But I might be able to do the same with the 5/8 and still be able to do against the grain cuts. Bottom line - sticking with the straight. I'll try this experiment again with my DE and the straight tomorrow.
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    Comparisons I've had between my shavette (SR1 w/ Bluebird) and my Straight (Hart) always have left the SR1 winning everywhere except that I need FAR more concentration to make sure I come out unscathed. It's faster, more consistent and I'm always good with two passes.

    I spent a solid month forcing myself to use the SR1 with different blades and settled happy at the end. It no longer matters which soap or if I'm sloppy with the soap - much like when I use a DE.

    In the several months I've been using the Hart near-exclusively: I'm not at the point I can say I have as good of a shave yet. One thing I do like, however, are the subjective points that it feels nicer, looks nicer and it's way cooler than the SR1.

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    Thumbs up

    Just packed my straight , leaving for vacation tomorrow I am considering a DE for travel thank for the info Major.
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    I have to agree with the guys on the R-41. Mated with a feather blade it's really close to a straight. I think that combo is a real anomaly as far as DE's go though. It's performance is way out ahead of it's closest rival.
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    This is rather interesting although have you tried kamisori? Some guys say that kamisori gives even better and easier shave than a straight razor does!
    Have a nice day!


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