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    Yes, I've seen it it many Italian barber shop youtube vids. I was thinking of adding one to my arsenal, perhaps just for travel use. They are not very expensive, relatively speaking. I do however have quite a few straight razors and am comfortable using them but they are not the best for travel, post 9/11
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    I've seen that razor used on you tube. One gent mentioned it was popular with Italian Barbers. It definitely looks cool but I'm curious how it shaves. Seems like it would feel closer to a DE than a Straight. Look forward to how you find it after you try a straight also.

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    Thumbs up Daune & Friends

    Daune is an italian classic.
    Head geometry from a DE razor.
    Handle from a straight razor.
    Full plastic with brass knob.

    Mine is a full white replica, and I love it.

    Just one thing is not of my likings, the weight.
    Really light, but totally manageable.

    So I grab the newer model, from the same italian family wich originally made Daune.

    Razorine is a DE Kamisori.
    Full made of brass.
    Weight is great, and balance is nice.
    But I prefer classic western handle.

    Today I've found on FB a perfect option for me.

    Schiavarelli Daune Plus

    Full size:
    Full brass, 100% handmade in Italy.
    Handle in three different woods available:
    • olive
    • mahogany
    • wenge
    Some details are very nice.
    Like the finger rest space in the part preferred by the user.
    Or the flush machining of the locking screw.
    The three-pin handle with reinforcement.
    And in general the possibility of having an interaction with the craftsman.
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