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Thread: Tale of two faces

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    Default Tale of two faces

    Question: When shaving my right side of my face , with my dominate (right) hand I can't seem to get as close a Shave as my left side of face with my left hand. What do you think is going on.
    Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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    Based on my very minimal experience, I would guess you are holding the razor at a slightly different and less optimal angle with your right hand compared to your left.

    The only other thing i could think of is your bevel isn't centered, resulting in a different shave angle depending on the side of the blade you are using.
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    Funny, I have the opposite issue. My left hand, non dominate, is the one that does not shave as close.

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    Could also be the bevel is uneven....was talking about this with Val of the Gentleman's Den, and in the same manner that we have a dominant hand, when honing, if that same dominance transfers to the stones, you can end up with uneven least that's one explanation I've heard, as I literally just had a razor that was acting that way a month or so ago - sent it to Val to have a look at, and that's exactly what I'd done.

    Not saying this is the case, but from my experience, in this instance it was, as I've not had this happen before.....

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    I tried to get this issue addressed here in the past. Divergent opinions, probably all wrong. No offense. I notice that the same is true when I use my safety razor too. It may simply be the percentage of hairs growing in a particular direction on that side of the face. It only is true for the WTG, or down the face pass. I am able to make up for it on the XTG and ATG passes, so I suspect it has to do with hair growth direction.
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    In my own experience, it took a lot of shaving to get good on both sides. For me it was gaining competence with my left hand and getting the same skin stretch on both sides. The sides of my neck were the hardest though.

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