Until you gain experience, you won't know if the bevel needs a re-set. If the razor is sold as "shave ready" from a reputable source, don't strop it for the first use, just wipe off any oil and use it.

IMO the most important thing to do before your first shave is go to the library here and read "your first shave". The worst thing you could do is to straight shave your whole face. I know, as I did this myself. You should not shave the entire face with a straight until you are getting great results on the flat parts....avoid the mustache/goatee/adams apple. "Your first shave" in the library will inform you better than I, so please read it.

If you are new to making lather, practice, practice, practice. Do this several times a day in the palm of your hand. This will increase the feel for what is a great lather versus what is mediocre.

Your original question about bevel re-set, combined with your "new to all this" status, is really putting the cart before the horse. Take your time, enjoy the journey, and dive into the library here. Welcome to SRP.