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Thread: I知 trying to figure out if my straighter razor

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    Default I知 trying to figure out if my straighter razor

    is really shave ready (sharp enough). My first pass not much tug or discomfort but when I feel my face the stubble is still there. Pass 2 I can still feel stubble but not quite as much. Pass 3 it feels pretty nice and I could probable stop their but I like a bbs shave so I finish up with a de.
    I致e about decided that the only way to get a bbs shave is to go with a de. Please tell me if I am right or wrong.
    One last question: is a sr honed and stropped by a professional as sharp as a feather de razor blade
    Thanks guys for your always good help
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    I suggest you read up on the wiki. Plenty for you to figure out / read about that has already been written down. It's a great read, I highly recommend it.

    First of and I'll put this bluntly: your technique is not up to par to get BBS shaves with SRs and it takes some time to learn how to master a BBS shave from a SR.

    Second, where did you get the razor from and what did it say about the edge ? if it doesn't tug 'much' and there's not much discomfort, that's good, comfort should be a bigger priority than remaining stubble, imo, given that it actually shaves. How the razor was honed is a very big and important part of the equation however.

    Thirdly, once I got my technique down and got good shaves form a SR, the DE felt clumsy. Mastering a SR will easily give you the best, closest, most comfortable shave you've ever had, but it takes time / experience and patience.

    Feathers are notoriously sharp one could probably get a SR as sharp as a feather, BUT a good finished edge will not tug and shave as easily and as close as a feather.
    (which I find much easier to do with a SR) The freehand angle manipulation with SR shaving is a big plus over a DE, depending on how you look at things.
    Good luck!
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    I have been using straights for several years and honing almost as long and the first few months if not longer I did not get a BBS shave I would get what I call a DFS but as time progressed and I mapped my growth it became easier but then I finally woke up and decided getting a BBS every single day was not worth chasing so now I just do a two pass using WTG,XTG and ATG and call it good, for me it's the experience I want to enjoy using a favorite brush with a quality soap and a razor that's either vintage or custom made and getting a close comfortable shave so sometimes I get BBS and a lot of times I don't and that's ok as long as I enjoy the experience, for me that's the top priority, also as mentioned the razor may not quite be 100% shave ready, I find most of the time I can get as close a shave with a straight as using a shavette.
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    So, take this as a newbie's advice, as I've only been SR shaving 3 months. I came from DEs where I could get a beautiful shave in 2 passes.

    I am finding the same thing. 3 passes is required for me to get a good SR shave. The concept of hair reductions seems more prevalent with the SRs. For example, I cannot even do ATG on my moustache until I have been over it twice -- WTG and XTG.

    I'll be interested in responses.

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    technique very important and razor properly stropped as well is a factor. Razor being as sharp as a feather, I think that depends on the razor metal and how it was honed. I have not actually used a feather, but my assumption is straight razor metal is made to hold an edge longer so that might sacrifice how sharp it can get. I believe most razors though take a 12k which is really nice for comfortable shave. To pass the 12k there are some synthetic options and some jnats. I can not really say though how sharp a SR can get compared to feather.

    I can get very close to bbs shave with 2 passes (WTG and XTG) which is what I normally do. I can get bbs with 3 passes but I usually only do that for special occasions or if I am in mood, 2 passes for regular day. I don't have a ton of experience though
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    Technique is the most important part. And it take roughly about 100 shaves with a straight to get it down pat. Grain mapping helps out a lot. Good prep also goes a long way too. Try making your lather a little wetter and also buffing strokes, short overlapping strokes for all grain directions. Some razors are harder to learn than others and also take an edge differently. Using your strop on a flat surface will help to keep from rolling the edge and also save the strop from nicks until you perfect the motion. Every ones beard is different so there is no one way that works for every beard take your time and keep practicing. I’ve been at it for almost a year and I still break out the de for my neck area sometimes. “It your shave, enjoy it!”

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    To answer the question of comparing feather blades to straight razors in terms of sharp.
    That is not comparing Apple's to Apple's. DE blades have multiple bevels, are made sharp by machines. Are super thin in comparison to straights. Can one get a SR as sharp as a feather blade? No clue I have never used a feather so, I can not say. I believe personally there is no comparison between DE and straight because it's 2 different tools. Can BBS be had with a SR? Absolutely it takes time though. What razor it is, whom honed it, stropping technique, face prep and lastly shaving technique all play a part.
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    I can get BBS in two passes, but I couldn't for a few months until I had the shaving technique, the hone, and the honing technique down.

    Who honed your razor and how long have you been shaving with a straight?

    Cheers, Steve

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    You should come see me, I'm just about 5 miles south of Hugo, OK.

    If you can't, we could do a few things:

    -Swap numbers via PM and I could talk you through some things
    -You could drive down & learn a bit
    -You could ship me your razor, I could evaluate the edge via a shave & if it's not right hone it cover the return shipping of approx $7
    Southeastern Oklahoma/Northeastern Texas helper. Please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you and God Bless, Scott

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    My standard is 2.5 passes. The extra half is on the neck to clean up the hollow areas on each side of the neck and its done with very wet lather and buffing at an angle. Most the time I'm just shaving for comfort and close. Id have to say that every time I do my first pass, minute stubble is still present. Very short stubble. Not really whiskers left just some roughness. The second pass knocks them down completely so I can't feel them except for the spots I have an issue with. When I'm completely done I can still feel some tiny bits here and there that didn't get completely clean. Its so fine you cant see it and only feel it in one direction but its so little I'm happy with it. I've gotten BBS a few times but it takes 4 to 5 passes to get there. Not worth the effort or chance of irritation.

    I think getting with Scott above would be a really great help. One on one is the best way to learn.
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