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Thread: Call me dumb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
    On eBay, be advised that words like vintage, rare, and antique give greedy sellers apparent license to seek out ridiculously high starting bids or BIN pricing for straight razors in obviously poor condition. This is similar to eBay’s prefererence for the term pre-owned instead of used.
    Yeah. I use the terms on razors since I figute they are probably search terms and separate them from Gold Dollars and poorly made reproductions.
    I'm hesitant to use the term 'rare' because many razors are rare, BUT that does not necessarily mean desirable. I know that some sellers use the word RARE in most of their listings.

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    I copied this from here.

    6. being of a specified vintage: vintage wine.
    7. representing the high quality of a past time; classic: vintage movies.
    8. of, imitating, or being a style or fashion of the past; retro: vintage clothing.
    9. being the best of its kind; choice: vintage Shakespeare.
    10. old-fashioned or obsolete.

    Maybe 8. says it the best...

    I think of it as older but not antique.
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