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Thread: Question about a close shave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disburden View Post

    I won't blow smoke about BBS and all that...bottom line is I now can get a super nice BBS shave with a straight razor because I learned how to sharpen my razors to my taste and use those razors effectively. Until you know how to do that, your shaves will properly not be that good...Ropey...Stubbly..etc.

    This is a really helpful post!

    Just to be clear -- are you saying that you get a BBS shave with one pass?

    That's my goal. I can get one with 2 passes, but don't really have the time in the morning before work, so want to get the best shave I can practically get without rushing but also without taking too much time on a work day.
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    I don't know how one could get a full BBS smooth over the entire face with one pass, unless all of the facial hair grows the same way. This individual may exist but would prove to be exceptionally rare...
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