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Thread: How many razors in your rotation?

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    Default How many razors in your rotation?

    Perhaps this has been asked before. If so please forgive me. But just out of curiosity, how many razors do you actually shave with? It's one thing to collect them and another to actually use them. I'm curious to see what the average is. I've seen guys mention as many as 20.

    For the past five years I have used only one straight razor and one DE. I made them both. In the last year, I have quit using the DE and have added two more straights to the rotation. The second straight is a western style Kami that I forged. The third is now a stubby that made from modifying a SMKW NOS razor. I really like the shorter razors. I want to add a fourth forged from a car spring with blue or black G10 scales. The red G10 had kind of been calling my name as well...
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    Yes this has been asked before but no apology needed.. It is always a good question to be refreshed every once in a while.and besides theres a good chance of a number of responses and produces good chatter... And if you think 20 is a lot you are in for a surprise. Not only do some of these guys have in the 100's to maybe even 1000's.. Like you said though you are differentiating collection and want actual rotation use.. Still with.that there will be some guys into the 100's im betting... Crazy some of the pics ive seen posted with huge collections...
    Anyway myself I decided a while back to keep no more than 15 total and i think i have 8-9 in main rotationand plugging the others here and there so they get used every once in while.. Actually i just today thinned out 3 very usable razors and sent them out to Jerry (gasman) to use for the giveaways... Figure they were not getting enough love from me so hopefully someone else can use them..
    Btw i just read the last half of your post and nice job on making your own SR's.. Going to try and give that a go for a winter project this coming year..
    Hope there are a number of responses and some eye candy to go along with them..
    Peace!! .Scott W
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    I have 13 SRs I'm actively using. It's not a "rotation" per se: every time I choose the one I want to use most that particular time. So some of them I use more, some less, but all are in use. The collection is much larger

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    Haven't done a tally recently, but over 200.

    No actual rotation, just what suits my fancy for the day.

    My favorites see more time, than the others.

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    I have 30 on the go, but in two different locations - so 15 in each.

    However, there are 4 or 5 that I keep coming back to more often than the others.
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    I too have favorites that get a lot of play time but as a guesstimate... probably 30-40 that I actually shave with with any frequency. I have about 150 in the collection but some I don't really shave with because they're not finished, are only parts or I just don't really like. These are mostly ones I got in lots off the bay.
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    Eight razors. Three framebacks. One hollow grind. Four near wedges.
    All English steel except three.
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    Somewhat like Mike! I use the one that i pull from the spreadsheet that hasnt been used much. So my rotation is 200+. Some havent been used in a couple years. Its hard to show them all love.
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    I’ve got six seven day roll ups for 42 razors in regular rotation. I swap out roll ups every 7-10 days.

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    I have two in my main rotation... a W&B shorty, and a Filarmonica 14 shorty. They get like 80% of the love.

    I have three more in my "occasional use" rotation along with the 2 mentioned: Dubl Duck Goldenedge, a Peter Hann shorty, and a Iwasaki kamisori.

    With that said, while I was on COVID leave, I was shaving with all sorts of blades as I was experimenting and using JNats for the first time.
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