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    Quote Originally Posted by ZipZop View Post
    I was thinking this afternoon about all the times I'd shave with my straight razor at my Athletic Club.

    I used to work out almost daily at a private Athletic Club when I was into Endurance Sports competition, and of course always showered at the club. They have a large multi sink grooming area near the showers with Clubman aftershave and disposable razors. I would stand there in my towel, lather up and open my straight razor to wide eyes and open mouth stares. Like, "Are You Crazy?" kind of stares. It was actually fun.

    Some members would be inquisitive enough to ask me why in the world I was shaving with a cut throat razor and if I had a death wish. Others were more serious and wanted to know how I learned to shave with a straight razor. Most just stared and then went back to their locker and told others that then strolled up to the grooming area to see this crazy member shaving with a straight razor.

    Most members would shave in the steam room with a disposable razor they got in the grooming area, but I scoffed at that and did the full-on straight razor shave for all to see.

    I don't think I converted anyone. But I can tell you I certainly attracted a great deal of attention. I miss those days. Lots of fun indeed.

    It has never occurred to me to shave with a straight in a gym.

    Firstly, I don’t want to shave with a straight razor in a place where people may (literally) bump into each other and secondly, I loathe to needlessly draw attention when I perform my personal hygiene.
    In short, I don’t go into a gym to give a performance.

    I also shave in the morning, which is not my usual time to go to the gym.

    So, it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever see me shave with a safety razor, let alone one of my straights in a gym.

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    I don't use a straight in the gym either, oh no wait, I don't go to a gym

    Let's just say I have a lot more meat than a butchers pencil.
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