i try to keep my angle down as i find it was the first thing that caused irritation for me, but i will pay more attention and see where i get.

the 2 razors i typically use are fairly different, but i like them both.

the first and most used is a Wade and Butcher 1/4 hollow. it might be a frame back. i really like this one and because of it i have been desperately searching for a Wedge to try, but seeings how money is tight i was more looking for a shaver/fixer upper then a show piece.

the second is a Dovo Best Quality, which was my first razor that i bought from Tony Miller in a starter kit. i have reset the bevel since buying it as i didn't know what i was doing in the beginning and may have rolled the edge. and then i decided it would be a good project as it would be a very quick bevel reset and the blade isn't warped like some of the Ebay razors i have. i still like this one a lot though the scales are getting a little loose..

like i said, very different razors but both give me a great shave.