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    Default First razor again

    I was rifling through by razors today & came across the first one i had. I loved it, but soon my eye was taken with more blades & it got relegated to the back of the drawer. Well, i decided to run it over the hones & give it a whirl again. It's a Dovo all stainless No 41.
    It honed very easily & the shave is so smooth & comfortable! The No 41 is a fantastic blade! I think i'm in love all over again!
    If you have treated the razor that started this all off for you the same way, dig it out & see how it makes you feel!

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    My very first razor is still one of my favourites. I don't have many (just a mere 5...), but that one is still one of my tip top shavers.
    So, in order of purchase:
    1) Dovo 5/8 "best quality"
    2) Shumate 5/8 "for barbers use"
    3) Wapienica (stamped SFK)
    4) Wade & Butcher hollow ground
    5) Genco 5/8 Gold something... ugly but a great shaver (it was a gift from a friend here!)
    But yes... the Dovo is still my choice when I'm in need of a good, almost "automatic" shave...

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    My first razor will always be special. It's a 5/8 ERN Gong that I got here from the BST and had Mike Ratliff hone up.

    I actually pulled it out the other day and when putting it away I dropped it! I thought all was well until I stropped it a few days later and heard that awful scratching noise. Yup, the edge got dinged. Luckily it's ever so slight.

    This was the only razor in my rotation that I hadn't honed myself. I look forward to bringing her up to speed.

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    My first razor will always be one of my favorites. Appropriately, because it has "Favorita" etched in gold on the blade. One of my best all time shavers, too.

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    Default First razor again

    My first razor was Dovo 5/8 'Best Quality' - the one with the white handle.

    About 6 years ago it got dropped. Then I fixed it and relegated it in favour of my more recent restorations.

    Just recently (a few months ago) I revived my old Dovo 5/8 again and I am guessing it now shaves even better than before. In fact, I have used it since for benchmarking my shaves against other razors in my collection.

    I love my old Dovo because I have done a lot of travel with it, I have revived it and it brings so many memories every time I see it and use it...

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