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Thread: Using "Kyles prep"

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    Originally I went all out on prep & shaved at bedtime to accommodate that. Since I've come back to wet shaving, recently, however, I just do a wash & soak, sometimes oil & sometimes not, get the lather mostly ready in a bowl & finish it on the face

    Edit: the only other major difference now is I finish with a cold rinse & an alum block. I didn't use alum previously, seems to make a big difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beluga View Post
    As a 63-year old who has been wet shaving for most of his life, I believe that the Law of Diminishing Returns applies and that while some basic preparation makes a considerable difference, adding ever more steps will significantly increase the time needed for a shave but will make less and less difference in the quality of the shave.

    For my straight shaves, I thus go straight from step 1 (wetting facial skin with wet towel/sponge) to step 8 - just like our grandfathers did - without any noticeable loss in quality of shaves.

    IMO, this whole straight (or safety razor) shaving thing does not need to be elevated into an overly complicated ritual.

    Now; if someone has plenty of spare time on his hands and just likes the idea of pampering himself, let me not discourage you.
    But for my daily 4:50 am straight shaves, I consider this neither a viable nor necessary option.


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    +1. This would maybe work for me on a weekend but not an everyday thing

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