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    Default I guess I have sensitive skin?

    I've noticed something about my shaves as of late. If I shave every other day, it's perfect every time...awesome BBS, no razor burn, etc.

    If I shave every day, my shaves begin to deteriorate after just a day or two until my skin is left raw and plenty of razor burn.

    Every Day Shave:
    day 1: 0% razor burn
    day 2: 15% razor burn
    day 3: 30% razor burn
    day 6-7: 100% razor burn and raw.

    Every Other Day Shave:
    day 1,3,5,7: 0% razor burn

    I think that my skin required about 48 hours between shaves in order to heal up enough to get another good shave. My shaves are the same whether or not I do it every day and shaving every other day shows that I've got a good technique...

    Your thoughts?

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    It seems to me that razor burn is the type of thing you get when you first start with a straight or something that develops because you have some skin condition. First I would check on the skin issue and if that is not the case I would check on either the pressure you are using or maybe your angle is a tad aggressive.
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