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    Default Time constraints & a single pass shave

    Am I practicing with what may be among the excommunicable sins here or am I within the allowable? It's cold up here on the tundra and I have found myself luxuriating under the morning's hot shower for a couple or five or ten extra minutes. This shower's stretch means that the time allowed for shaving after the shower can get unfortunately compressed. Compression being what it is, I have recently only done a single pass shave after those extended showers in an attempt to get to work in a timely fashion. Regarless that this routine gets rid of the stubble and actually feels pretty smooth, no baby ever had a butt this textured; however, it does get me to the job looking acceptably kempt.

    Will the judges of shaving propiety allow the pass singulare'?

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    How dare you. We shall all throw stones at you.
    I usually do two, but in a pinch, one keeps me from looking hairy. Don't tell anyone I said that.

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    I to will make do with just single WTG pass on most weekday mornings, I do go all out on the weekend though.

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    almost 100% of the time, I go WTG and ATG, during the week. On Saturday and Sundays I really take my time by going at all different directions and patterns.

    I have, just to make it to work on time, did WTG.

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    SHHH! I also do one pass shaves. I actually get good shaves this way. I use a hybrid wtg/xtg pass, but all in one pass. It gives a shave that lasts all day so I really don't see any problem with it. If I remember right when Lynn posted his shave video he said he normally does one pass shaves. But when you have to test shave as many razors as he does

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