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    Hi Obie,

    Another great post and, as always, thanks for sharing it with us!

    I'm quite lucky with my cheeks and chin as everything grows pretty much as I would hope!

    Its my neck that drives me mad as the hairs start off growing down and to the right on my jawline and then get more and more horizontal as I go downwards. So by the time I get to the bottom of my neck the hairs are growing from left to right. I have a devil of a job getting my neck totally smooth, and I invariably have to do a whole bunch of stretching and odd passes to get this area smooth.

    Ah well, this is what keeps things interesting! One of these days I'll get it just right!

    All the best and stay well,


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    Thank you Obie. You are a fine gentleman.
    inspired by our back and forth posting, I decided to try some new angles "live" so to speak last night. Although I got a few more of those pesky hairs which just wont follow suit, I also got a bit more razor burn than I'd like. So again, I'm back to rethinking my approach.

    Quote Originally Posted by Obie View Post
    My dear Freyguy:

    How right you are. One analogy that covers both of us as we continue to learn this craft is this, and I have used it before: You can listen to a Brahms symphony or a piano concerto 50 times and think you've heard all there is to hear in them. Not so. On the 51st hearing aha! suddenly you hear something you haven't heard before, say, like a little clarinet that comes out of nowhere.

    That's what I find as I continue to sharpen my skills in the art and the craft of straight razor shaving.

    Stay well, and thanks again. You are a gentleman, sir, with a great spirit.



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    Default Stretching and Blade Angle

    Hello, Freyguy:

    Thanks for your note.

    Keep trying and improvising on stretching and blade angle. What works for me might not work for you, since our faces, beards, razors and shaving techniques are different. I have all the confidence in the world you will find what works best for you. Stay well.



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