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    Default Dull edge like a frog in warm water

    I bought a shave-ready razor some time ago to see if I could pick up the art, and loved it. I've used it exclusively ever since. Recently I decided to try my hand at honing the edge, and placed an order for some nice stones.

    They haven't arrived in the mail yet, but all the reading I did before purchasing made me think my razor might be getting a bit dull. I borrowed a sharpening stone from work, and gave my razor a little touch-up.


    I didn't realise how dull the edge had become! Like a frog in warming water just sits till it is boiled alive, I had not noticed the gradual loss of sharpness on my razor.

    Now I can't wait for my razor hones to arrive so that I can really have a go at refreshing the edge properly.

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    The funny thing is that as your technique improves, your ability to shave with a dull razor improves, so what happened is perfectly understandable.

    Good luck with the honing!

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