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Thread: How many of you guys hone your own straights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJim View Post
    So, in your experience, shaving off a barber's hone is about the same as shaving off an 8k?

    Right now the Norton 4/8 is at the top of my wish list. I have a good swaty for maintaining my currently sharp blades, but I have a couple that I want to hone myself. At question is, will I really NEED a polisher? I know you can shave right off the 8k, but I've heard several times that it isn't comfortable.

    Sorry if this is hi-jacking the thread here.

    Yes, it wouldn't be very much difference on my 8K and my Swaty. At least not all that much.
    A honing progression ending on a 12K is, IMO, a smoother shave.

    There are Barber hones out there who's supposed to be in the 10K or above range, but I honestly don't think that is the majority of them.
    There's always the fabled Norton barber hone, which is supposed to be on par, or even better, than Eschers and Charnleys and what not, when used after said stones, but that is pretty much a grand these days..
    And a grand will get you a lot of fine hones
    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan2022 View Post
    haha, somehow that line never seems to fly with my wife.
    I'm not sure if she believes it, but she at least stops nagging for a bit... until I buy a couple hundred rounds of .41 mag...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bharner View Post
    Damn this addiction. Just remember what I tell my wife when she complains about my razors and guns: At least it isn't hookers and blow and most of what I've bought can be easily re-sold for at least what I paid for it.
    That is priceless, except I substitute crack and midgets.

    Big plus one on the Swaty and Norton 3-piece combo. I started refreshing my first couple of razors on a Swaty last year, and it was great practice for learning honing backwards (fine to coarse). When that and CrOx no longer seemed to be enough-I had been spoiled by Sham and Lynn's edges!-I just recently got the much-recommended Norton 3-piece combo and got started honing from a new bevel. Reading and rereading all the honing threads, and watching lots of videos (especially gssixgun/Glenn's) really helped me succeed on my first couple of razors. Now I'm working/learning on e-bay razors. Definitely my newest obsession! I say go for it!

    edit: This just occurred to me. So does Charlie Sheen tell his wife: "At least it wasn't razors and hones!"
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    There are many roads to sharp.

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    I've been straight shaving for 4 months now and have acquired a dozen razors; The first was a vintage shop over the internet that was advertised as 'shave ready'. It was and I learned a lot, the next 11 were antique store finds and some of them pretty rough. I bought them to learn how to sharpen so I would not ruin my 'good' one. I have honed them and use them now in rotation. By the way, my honing kit is one Gatco pocket hone (600 grit), one Boss barber's hone, one leather strop and lots of time.

    I think I am ready to find a finishing hone... But then I would have both RAD and HAD...

    Happy honing!

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    I hone my own, and for others, occasionally.
    When I started out I had one razor, one finishing hone, and my belt for a strop. This setup managed to keep my razor sharp for maybe 20 years. Since I discovered computers, my collection of both razors and hones has grown, exponentially. But that is my choice, and not a necessity.
    My razors are sharper now than they were, thanks to lots of practice, and exposure to the pros on this site.

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    I originally made the commitment not to shave with a straight until I could shave with one I honed myself. It took a month of practicing, two ruined Ebay razors, and some help from AFDavisII on the forum here, but I eventually made it. I read all the Wiki, watched all available videos, and practiced my butt off for a month, but now I can hone my own razors and shave with them, even the wedges. Honing is a very meditative, zen-like activity. I enjoy it.

    I use a Norton 1K (only when absolutely necessary), 4K, 8K, a Naniwa SS 12K, and a Shapton 16K. I strop on linen and leather, 30/100 and get good results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan2022 View Post
    Hi guys,

    just a quick economy question.

    How many of you hone your own straights?

    I've got an old Boker I'm fixing up with a decent blade. If it works out,
    I'd probably have it honed at first, but would like to do my own.

    I got into this, because I really like the shave with a DE or Shavette,
    but also for the economy. If I had to send my own razor out every few months,
    it would sort of defeat one of the things I love about the Shavette and DE.

    Is its really witchcraft, or not too bad? Can an inexpensive hone be made to work?

    I'd be happy to have her honed, and just keep it for that nice saturday morning shave.


    If you have your razor correctly honed once maintaining it is almost easy.
    It is not witchcraft, it does take some practice.

    To maintain an edge an 8k or finer modern hone will do
    the job as long as you keep it close to flat.

    A $8 combo package of three honing films from woodcraft
    on a flat surface (glass or granite tile) will reset
    the bevel and put a very fine edge on steel. The
    progression from 15 micron, 5 micron, 0.3 micron
    works. The 15micron will tidy up two perhaps three
    blades. The 5 micron four or more. The 0.3 micron
    will polish almost a dozen.

    Having said this bench hones are so much more
    organic and pleasing to use.

    If the razor is OK have a honemaster bring it
    up to snuff and maintain it with just 0.3
    micron film or a CrOx loaded balsa hone
    or a Na12K superstone. After a year+ you may
    want to have it revisit some coarser hones
    to reset the bevel.

    If the bevel and edge is right once maintaining it
    only needs the finer hones.

    If you roll the edge stropping it you will
    want to be able to reset the bevel. This
    in most cases this can be done on a
    Norton 4k/8k combo hone. Many folk like
    to shave of the 8k most are now looking
    at 10k to 12+k finishers.

    15micron film cuts about the same as a 1K hone.
    5 micron about the same as an 5 or 6K hone
    0.3 micron is finer than heck...about 12K.
    Film has the advantage of not needing a lap to flatten a hone.

    Mind you film works... but is only the beginning in the game.
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    I think most of the members here have learned to hone their own razors.

    Like others after a few trips to the honemeisters I figured it was time to learn how to do it myself.

    No matter what tools you use take your time and learn your stones and you'll do a great job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJim View Post
    Says the guy who's sig reads "at last, my arm is complete again." That prosthetic fitting went well did it?
    Wah? Was that supposed to be an insult?

    Dude, try better next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangas View Post
    Wah? Was that supposed to be an insult?

    Dude, try better next time.
    No, it was definitely not an insult in any way. It was a funny remark. There was nothing of insult intended. I found the combination of your comment and your signature line ironic. I apologize if you felt it insulting.

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