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Thread: my first shave

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    Default my first shave

    I am a new straight razor shaver , and dove in head first .
    i purchased a thiers - issard Sparticus . read up and watched many
    videos .. i must say the first shave was almost impossible . I stuck with it
    and in three shaves i was able to give myself a pretty darn good shave. its
    been 3 weeks and i use it every day! making time to shave has been a change
    i did learn that the prep is the key especially the pre-shave treatment (at least for me)
    i love the experience and hope to keep improving my skills, under my chin is still difficult
    to get super close (it will happen) my only nicks have been due to the sharp point on
    the Sparticus however i now stay away from the point and its fine ..
    im "Converted"

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    A TI! You did jump in heads first. Nice.

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    Heck of a starter set up,
    Welcome to SRP

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