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Thread: save a hone !

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    Default save a hone !

    well for some reason when i do i bevel reset i always go to a BBW before my coti side , i dont know how much it really matters but mentally it feels better so i thought maybe i would just pick up a BBW and save myself from that hard work of fllipping that heavy coticule over to use the BBW side .. (ok im thinking lazy , i know ) then popped up a dished out coticule and i thought if i can grab this for or at the same price as a BBW maybe i can lap without hitting to much of the glue or vacant area of the coticule that i knew was gonna be close to , or just cut it up for slurry stones !! well after lapping out the dished out center, i decided i now have a specific BBW stone for the collection since that side is perfect other then someones name scratched in that easily came out win win i suppose .

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    You could als fill the cavities/cracks with some plaster (which is softer than the coticule, it won't do any damage to your razors), lap it flat again and have a functional yellow side as well. There seems to be plenty of yellow left for quite a bit of honing.
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