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    Default Need Help Identifying.....

    Hi All,

    I have just joined this forum, so first time posting.
    My father gave me two straight razors yesterday and I have no idea about them and was just wanting some more info if possible.

    Thank you in advance.

    The black one has Ernst Hemel Solingen on it with an eagle on the back???Name:  Razor 1.jpg
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Size:  48.8 KBName:  Razor 2.jpg
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    Welcome to SRP.
    You got two good shavers there. If the Solingen is just tarnished you can use some metal polish on it and bring back the shine. Just be careful as even a dull razor is sharper than a sharp knife.

    Send them both off to a pro to have honed and learn to use them.

    Both are around 1900 or after. Pre Wartime. One German and one Spanish. Not sure about the dates being the pic doesn't show any stamps or markings. The 13 is a well-known razor. We don't do evaluations but you can look on eBay at sold items that match yours and get an idea.

    Again, Welcome and let us know what your plan is. Collecting or using. We have members all over the world and the post office is not far to mail them off for honing. Be sure to ask if they came from your family. Grandfather? Its always a nice thing to have something from family.
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