Had an appointment this afternoon and was about an hour too early, so my Dad & I stopped at the Tulsa Barber & Beauty Supply. They were having a 20% off sale on all of their inventory. I was hoping they weren't going out of business, they're not, they just needed to move some stock. I picked up:
an Omega pure bristle silver handled brush, this thing is huge compared to my other brushes. 4 pucks of soap, 2 each for normal skin and sensitive skin. Two bottles of Lucky Tiger hair tonic, and a mustache grooming kit. (too late for that one, but it will be around when I need it) lol.

While I was shopping, Dad & the Cashier were talking about the old days,Dad told her that he remembered the store from the 50's and the Barber College that was next door to them. They reminisced for awhile and the Cashier told Dad that "guys were starting to come back in and buy soap and brushes, that they were getting back into wet shaving. She also said that " some of them are even going back to using the old straight razors, that they say they are better for their faces, eliminating bumps and such". I'm glad I had my back turned or she would've seen me chuckle. Dad gave me away tho, and told her that I was one of them.

Shavemac on the left, Omega silver handle and Silvertip prototype from Tryphon.it