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    Default My humble collection

    I thought I'd just add a photo of my collection to date. It isn't large, but I was once a minimalist with just one razor and had every intention of never exceeding that princely figure. So for me my collection is a treasure trove of razors that I will have to find a way to rotate in and out of use...Oh the burden of decision. How do you fine gentleman, with that terrible affliction, known as RAD, cope?!?!

    Clockwise from the top:

    Black handled razor is a reconditioned and rescaled 13/16 Wosteholm Pipe by Holli4Pirating

    6/8 Bengall with Blackbean (Australian Hardwood) scales by Onimaru55

    Geisen and Forsthoff 5/8 Timor with black plastic scales

    Dovo #98 5/8 with IMoP scales (My first razor)

    and last of all, my latest edition and a gift from a good mate, a Gotta 120 6/8? in need of a little TLC before it gets a trial run.

    I'm thinking of just giving the Gotta a rough cleanup rather than going for a full on mirror polish restoration. If I do go for a full mirror shine, it will only be to blue the blade with gun blue, to get the maximum quality blued finish.

    Thanks for looking.

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    That's a nice little set right there Mick, as for that Gotta, I believe you will have a great shaver when it's all did up, mine is woderful, and as such I bought another two for restoring


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    Nice group of razors. Bengall's are fantastic but so are the others.

    How do we cope? Buy more razors! LOL! Hit antique stores and flea markets. You can get them fairly cheep. On average $10-20. Wont break the bank. I have been collecting on and off for 20 years. Only been shave for one year. But i face the collecting evil and the shaving evil! Well i always have company. LOL!

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    There are quite a few of us who enjoy the patina of the older razors. I've made it a habit to hone up a razor and shave with it a few times before I "restore" it anyway to be sure that it's worth the time and effort. Many have stayed that way because I've just grown to like the old things. Nice collection there!
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    Nice assortment you have there. A good rotation is all you need and you have that. I have a heck of a lot more razors but we can only shave with one at a time. Years ago I collected Case XX pocket knives with stag handles.

    I showed them to a friend of mine and he said,"If you can't be satisfied with what you have, you'll never be satisfied with what you get." I am one of those poor souls who can never be satisfied. You're very fortunate to be happy with what you have and not ignoring it by focusing on what you are going to get.
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