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Thread: Cyber Security Basics

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    Default Cyber Security Basics

    I saw where someone shared concern about cyber security. Here are a few simple things that can make a big difference. .

    1) Enable multi-factor authentication for all logins when it is available. Keep in mind that hackers are after money. Most companies that involve money will have multi-factor as an option. I insist on multi-factor for Pay Pal, any site that has my debit card info or can draft from my bank account, my bank and the company that has my business data.
    ⁃ While credit card companies are the victims of credit card theft, I’ll use multi-factor on any site, such as Amazon, as we all need to fight cyber theft.

    2) Password Management - Don’t use the same password for more than one site. Use strong passwords. Password management software makes easy work of this. I like LastPass, though there are other good ones.
    ⁃ Because of LastPass, it doesn’t matter to me if my hobby sites, such as shaving forums, are hacked. The password won’t work anywhere else. LastPass reminds me to change my password as needed.
    - The reason hackers go after Facebook, Yahoo and similar sites is not because they want to delete your posts. They know that many people will use one password for all sites.
    ⁃ They know there is a good chance that your password for Facebook is your password where you work, which is often known publicly. Remember, they are after money. Companies have more money that individuals.

    3) End-users, like you and I, are the weak link. In the same way that a lion goes after the slowest gazelle, hackers go after end users. They do this by sending us emails that entice us to click on a link or open a file.
    ⁃ A simple action we can all take is that we don’t open a file or click on a link from a source where we wouldn’t be expecting such communications. The hackers are sophisticated, so there is more involved in avoiding trouble in this area. Google: ‘how to avoid phishing’ to go more in-depth.

    In closing, I’m posting this on SRP and want to ensure that I’m not inferring that SRP has been hacked. I have no reason to believe this has happened.

    Others may have good info to share as well.
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    Great tips, all of them!

    One thing I will add that isn't necessarily mentioned and is more of a preventive measure rather than a reactionary measure... All of those email lists we sign up for and "get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up with your email" and things like that increase your exposure on the web. In fact, every time you enter you email address and transmit that out it increases your exposure.
    Phishing scams, trojan horses, and other cyber security threats can never reach you if they don't have your email address. So there are two ways to address this in general. One, being to reduce the number of times you use your email on the web (nearly impossible, right?) but vetting out the places you enter your email and ACTUALLY READING the privacy statements goes a long way. You would be surprised at how many places explicitly state in their terms that your email may be used for 3rd party marketing services or sold. Second option is to set up a token email address that's used only for more questionable sites and forms. This protects you in that every time you check that mail address you're already aware that the source may be questionable.
    This is just another precaution you can take in protecting your identity, personal information, and peace of mind.
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