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Thread: Noob

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    Default Noob

    Hi all,

    Just a quick noob question if I may.

    I notice that some of you are New Members, some are Senior Members and it goes all the way to mentor etc.

    How do the ranks work?
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    Hello and welcome to SRP.

    The rank will change when your post count increases.
    I think the number is 25.

    Enjoy your time on the forum!

    Pete <:-}
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    It happens without you knowing it. I see people that years that are still listed as junior member and others like myself who haven't been members that long that are called senior member.
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    It matters not...welcome...except,
    the Mentors are those who have been recognized formally to possess sufficient knowledge and experience (and willingness) to help others!

    Feel free to reach out to the group with a question anytime. Most of us will help you any way we can.
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    The progression from junior to senior is something that happens automatically based on post count.
    If I recall correctly, when your postcount reaches 2000 your title changes to blabbermouth and you get a smily behing your name that keeps blabbering

    These days I don't think anyone becomes blabbermouth anymore because by the time your postcount reaches thousands, you may have already become a mentor and that takes precedence.

    Then there are moderators, senior moderators (not much difference from a members point of view) who are the staff here to make this forum work, take care of conflict, etc. And then there are the administrators of which there is currently only 1 which is Ivan who is in charge here.

    Those roles are also not fixed, and people may go back and forth between roles based on the time they can spend here and their interest. I've gone from member to mod to senior mod to admin back to member and mentor. And there is also an 'Emeritus' group you may see, which is a recognition for members who were at one time a mentor or mod, but scaled back their activity yet still drop by from time to time.
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    Yep. Bruno is the main flip-flop man! Been there done that and back again.
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    Welcome, STF-Stick around long enough, and you might be both blabbermouth AND emeritus like me! Honestly, though, I don't think most here care much about ranks and titles. As Harold said, most here will help out with any issue they can if it is something in their wheel-house. We'll see you around the forum.
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    Remember that a lot of members are also members of other forums where they can be of higher rank.
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    The junior to senior used to be 200 posts.
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