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Thread: Need help with value of a Yankee Cutlery Razor with Box- Mansour el-Hilow & S. Joseph

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    Default Need help with value of a Yankee Cutlery Razor with Box- Mansour el-Hilow & S. Joseph

    Can anyone help me with how to find the value of a vintage Yankee Cutlery Razor (No.190R with Box) engraved with Mansour el-Hilow & S. Joseph M.I. Germany. I have been trying to research it, but am having trouble finding any sources for it... the vintage razor seems somewhat unusual... but am not a collector so don't know where to even start looking for a valuation. I would appreciate it if anyone could help. Thanks in advance ... Mike... if you want to email me-[/email].

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    Well values can be tricky to figure out. Essentially you need to weed through last sales. EBay is a common place to do that. On common razors, especially those in good to great condition, it’s relatively easy. On rare or unusual razors it is very tricky. You may not be able to find comparisons. Condition is everything.
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    Condition is key.
    Here at SRP we dont give values on razors as they change a lot and it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. As Rez said, your best bet is to go on eBay and find something close to the same and in the same condition that recently sold. I find the box means next to nothing even in great condition. But thats JMO. Good luck and welcome to SRP.
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    It's also highly market dependent.
    Razors that went for 25$ in 2005 went for 250+ in 2010 and now are back at 50
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