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    Default Uploading files

    I've finished scanning the barbering textbook but it turns out the file is too large to upload. I have 20 pages in .jpg format zipped into one file. I do not have access to Adobe Acrobat, so I can't convert this to a smaller file. Is there anyone that can do this or does anyone know what the maximum file size is?

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    If you have large resolution scans (~200-300 dpi) send them to me, I will try to do OCR (OpticalCharachterRecognition) and make really small .pdf file. If not, send them anyways, I'll put them in the .pdf tomorow...

    I'll pm you with my e-mail...


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    Quote Originally Posted by mgraepel
    ...does anyone know what the maximum file size is?
    Sorry I missed this yesterday. The max size is currently set to 2-megabytes.

    BTW, You can find a free pdf converter at for use on windows systems. It works pretty well... and, it produces pdfs smaller than those made by Adobe Acobat in my experience.

    Edit -- there are some issues with the latest release of Primo when installing on Win98 and WinME... check their support forum for solutions BEFORE you install anything.

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    I started using PrimoPDF several months ago. It's fast and easy, much easier than the old 3.0 version of Acrobat I have. I did run into a problem with folks using Macintosh computers not being able to read everything. I know we have a few Mac folks here, so here's how you fix this "feature".

    START > Control Panel > Printers
    Right-Click on PrimoPDF > select Properties
    Click on the Advanced Tab
    Select the Printing Defaults Button
    Click on the Advanced Button
    Expand PostScript Options
    at the TrueType Font Download Option: Change from Automatic to Outline

    PrimoPDF is a great little program, and the price is right too: $0.00.

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