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    Default Inter forum Wiki cooperation

    Robin was kind enought to post this over at B&B, its a pleasure to have the various boards working together-

    Quote Originally Posted by BeBerlin View Post
    Well, it can certainly be done. In fact, it has been done already: SRP Straight Razor Database© (roughly 600 razors in there at the time of writing).

    I wonder if the international shaving community (ie beyond individual forums) wouldn't be better served with one canonical source instead of two separate efforts. United forces of straight shaving, if you so wish.

    So stop by the B&B and add to the Wiki there. Wiki including straight razors!

    Main Page - ShaveWiki

    Thanks Robin,


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    Unfortunately, I cannot contribute there since Robin got me banned

    Thanks for the invitation though
    Find me on SRP's official chat in ##srp on Freenode. Link is at top of SRP's homepage

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    We're very proud of the straight razor database that folks such as Robin have worked very hard to put together. I for one hope to see the SRP razor database number in the thousands before too long.

    No offense to B&B in any way, let me be clear, but I take Robin's post you've quoted to be a suggestion that rather than create two separate straight razor databases, a repository that has grown to over 600 razors now should continue to be added to as the primary source for straight razor info or, that the international razor community crossing forums would be best served having a single primary source for vintage pictorial razor data. That's how I interpret it anyway.

    Either way, it's all good.

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    Hello, Jim,

    Great to see you unlurk after three years. Not too many people take their time getting accustomed to a forum. Just a small question, though: Who are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Goose View Post
    its a pleasure to have the various boards working together
    That was indeed my intention. And I think it would be fantastic if it actually happened. More power to both, each doing what they do best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goose View Post
    So stop by the B&B and add to the Wiki there. Wiki including straight razors!
    You know, the funny thing is that you are free to share and remix our content, as long as you are not in violation of our Straight Razor Place Wiki:Copyrights - Straight Razor Place Wiki, especially the citation methods. Same for us, as far as I can see, although I'd much rather link to your DE database once it meets our quality standards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goose View Post
    Thanks Robin
    Always a pleasure, Jim. Would you mind posting a small introduction of yourself in the beginner's corner? As you are well aware, that's customary for beginners over here.

    [Edit]Sorry, Jim, didn't recognise you instantly. Guys, a warm welcome to Jim of B&B fame. I must say I'm truly delighted to have one of B&B's finest amongst us.

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