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    Quote Originally Posted by hoglahoo View Post
    The Baron,

    Try clicking on the little blue arrow that points to the right. When you hover over it, it should read "Go to last post"

    It will take you directly to the last page of the thread

    The screenshot below shows results from a "new posts" search, but it's the same on the main page as well

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    ok, so I'm a little slow this week, thank you.

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    My old half-empty-glass whine used to be, "while all progress is change, not all change is progress." These changes appear as if they will be quite usable and almost intuitive, even though I remain quite ambivalent to the International parts.

    My shibboleth is now, "change is good."

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    What about progressive change? Progressive change is both change and progress, simultaneously! I think your motto should be "While all progress is change, not all change is progress. Unless it is progressive change, in which case it is both progress and change, although as a general rule we are unable to say, while the progressive change is occurring, which of progress or change is the dominating factor. However, we can say with hindsight just how much change and/or progress was made, provided we have a suitably consistent measure for each of these concepts."

    That's quite pithy, I think.

    I like the new forum layout. Minds immeasurably superior to mine worked it out, and I think it looks like a winner!

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